Major service update

27 sep 2019

We are proud to announce a major service update.

New features include: - support for zipfiles: you can zip your project folder and upload it to our service, included linked files, baked physics, etc. Finally you can rend your smoke, water and fire models :) - using google drive for upload: you can upload your zip file to GoogleDrive and paste GoogleDrive’s URL to the service and just close web browser - we will transfer your data automatically at high speed - Blender 2.81 (Sep 25 alpha build). Now we will render your project depending on file version: 2.79 and earlier will be rendered by Blender 2.79 release, 2.80 will be rendered by Blender 2.80 release, 2.81 will be rendered by Blender 2.81 aplha build

You are welcome to use these new cool features!

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