Rays weekly update

24 jun 2019

Here, at Rays, we have a weekly agile status meeting, which is held on Mondays. Last week someone was reading our internal status report and suggested - hey, this update is cool, why don't we publish it? So here we go - internal report as it is with bare minimum censorship (basically stripping off person and company names and some secrets - there are slightly more points in the original).


We've received two requests for Rays’ white-label solution. This works as following: another company launches a rendering service (actually Rays) under its own brand; this company promotes this as its own service and bills customers on its side; service's machinery work at Rays, as usual; Rays and the company share the revenue. This way Rays may have additional clients at the cost of margin share from these additional clients, which may be a boost. Whitelabel solution will be considered later this summer.

Software engineering:




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